“Do you install different brands of composite decking?”
Yes, we work with all brands of composite decking.  Are preferred brand of composite decking is Trex as their product has a proven track record and I have seen their product being made.  It is a quality product and they have a great warranty.

“Do outdoor kitchen ‘work’ in Southern Oregon?”
Many people think the Northwest’s rainy climate makes outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens more hassle than they’re worth. Nothing could be further from the truth. With a covered outdoor space and the right custom features (outdoor heating, for example) you can enjoy a kitchen, patio, or other outdoor space in all but the very worst weather.

“What is a ‘overhead structure’? Is it the same as ‘pergola’?”
If you’ve been researching Medford outdoor projects, you might have run across the word “overhead structure.” Overhead structures come in all shapes and sizes, but it generally has a rainproof type roof.  The type of roof will depend on budget, but it can consist of a shingled roof, with a tongue and groove ceiling and lighting. Pergolas are open aired, more decorative and great for shade, but they are not rainproof.

“What’s a good budget for a deck project?”
To be honest, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Similar projects in two different locations might have surprisingly different costs, depending on a variety of factors. If you have questions about cost, contact us and tell us more about your yard and what you have in mind. With that information, we can provide a ballpark cost of your project before we visit the site. That helps us get on the same page early in the process.

“Do you apply for permits when installing decks and overhead structures?”
Yes and no. If a deck is more than 30″ above grade, a permit must be acquired through the specific governing office.  If it is below 30″, no permit is required.  Overhead structures have a broader scope of determination and local guidelines will be used to for permitting.