So you’ve recently invested in your outdoor living space with a new custom deck, perhaps an outdoor kitchen, but it’s winter, and you’re looking for ways to prep for Spring… Winter in Southern Oregon brings unique challenges for landscaping, but with thoughtful plant choices, you can ensure a vibrant and resilient garden come spring. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the hardy trees and plants that not only withstand the winter chill but also bloom into breathtaking beauty when warmer days return, and friends and family come to visit.

Evergreen Trees: Southern Oregon winters benefit from the year-round appeal of evergreen trees. Consider the robust Douglas Fir, which not only stays green but adds grandeur to your landscape. For a touch of elegance, the Blue Spruce and Western Red Cedar are excellent choices, standing tall and proud against the Medford, Oregon backdrop.

Winter-Blooming Shrubs: Inject color into your winter garden with strategically placed shrubs. Winter heather, with its vibrant blooms, adds a pop of color and is remarkably resistant to colder temperatures. Camellias, with their waxy and exquisite flowers, thrive in Southern Oregon winters and promise a burst of color during the colder months.

Hardy Perennials: Opt for perennials that can withstand the winter chill and return with vigor. Sedum, also known as stonecrop, not only retains its structure in winter but also blooms in a variety of colors during the warmer months. Ornamental grasses, such as Blue Fescue, add texture to your landscape and are known for their winter hardiness.

Winterberry Holly: For a striking display of winter berries, consider planting Winterberry Holly. This deciduous holly species graces your garden with a burst of red berries, providing both color and food for wintering birds.

Native Favorites: Explore local flora that is well adapted to Southern Oregon’s unique climate. Manzanita, with its picturesque bark and tiny blossoms, is a native beauty. Oregon Grape, an evergreen shrub with holly-like leaves, adds both color and texture to your winter garden.


Enhance your outdoor living space by selecting plants that embrace the beauty of every season. With these winter-resilient choices, your Southern Oregon landscape will not only endure the colder months but flourish into a spectacle of colors and textures when it’s time to start hosting parties in your backyard.