Bask in the warm embrace of the Southern Oregon climate while indulging in the culinary art of outdoor cooking with Tellurian Construction‘s exquisite outdoor kitchens. In the scenic regions of Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon, where the weather beckons you outdoors, our custom outdoor kitchens offer a perfect blend of functionality and elegance, providing an unmatched alfresco dining experience.

Southern Oregon’s Ideal Climate for Alfresco Delights:

Medford and Grants Pass boasts a favorable Mediterranean climate, with warm and sunny summers and mild winters. Our outdoor kitchens are thoughtfully designed to embrace this ideal weather, allowing you to relish the joys of open-air cooking and dining throughout the year. Whether it’s a sunny summer BBQ or a cozy winter gathering around a fire pit, our outdoor kitchens provide the perfect ambiance for unforgettable culinary moments.

Crafted to Your Culinary Desires:

At Tellurian Construction, we believe that outdoor kitchens are not just about functionality but also an expression of your culinary desires. Our experienced designers work closely with you to understand your cooking preferences and lifestyle needs. From sleek and modern culinary centers to rustic and charming outdoor hearths, we craft kitchens that reflect your taste and elevate your outdoor living experience. With state-of-the-art appliances, ample countertop space, and thoughtful storage solutions, our outdoor kitchens cater to both casual cooks and culinary enthusiasts.

Medford and Grants Pass:

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Southern Oregon, Medford, and Grants Pass become nature’s own dining room when you choose an outdoor kitchen from Tellurian Construction. Imagine savoring a delicious meal amidst lush landscapes, enchanting water features, and the soothing sounds of nature. Our outdoor kitchen designs seamlessly blend with the picturesque surroundings, creating a serene and inviting space for you and your guests to enjoy the bounties of both cuisine and nature.


Step into a world of culinary delights with Tellurian Construction’s outdoor kitchens in Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon. Embrace the unique Southern Oregon climate, where warm summers and mild winters beckon you to savor alfresco cooking year-round. Experience the joy of outdoor dining amidst nature’s embrace, with custom-designed kitchens that cater to your culinary desires and elevate your outdoor living experience. Let us be your guide in creating an outdoor culinary oasis that combines functionality, beauty, and the sheer pleasure of dining amidst Southern Oregon’s natural wonders. Contact us today at 541.841.0744 and embark on a journey to craft an outdoor kitchen that becomes the heart of your alfresco dining adventures.