Looking for a quality contractor to design and build your outdoor living space?  Maybe install an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you’re looking to build a new deck?  Where do you start?   With any project, you start by finding the right contractor.  Finding the right contractor can make any project enjoyable.  Picking the wrong contractor can create a very unpleasant experience.  So, what do you look for when selecting a contractor?  Here are some key points to look for when going through the process:

  1. Communication

Communication is fundamental if you want the project to go smoothly.  If you can’t reach your contractor or they don’t reach out to you, how can you feel confident your outdoor living space project is going as planned?  You should be updated as necessary to know that materials are being ordered, vendors are being paid, and subcontractors are being managed.  All of this is necessary to have a good end product.

  1. Efficiency

With any outdoor living space project, you don’t want to be living in or around a construction zone any longer than is necessary. While many contractors handle multiple projects at a time, they must prioritize and complete them in a clean, efficient manner. From start to finish, they should aim to stick to the timeline they gave you and stay in touch with you about any delays. Efficiency means your contractor is getting their work done on schedule and within budget. A timeline should be presented so you know what to expect.

  1. Integrity

Does your contractor show up on time?  Do they present themselves well? If you are unsure of these questions, your contractor may not be right for you. Integrity doesn’t only mean honesty, integrity means being principled and accountable. While efficiency is on this list, and it’s important to get the work done, it’s also important to do the job well. The craftsmanship that goes into your home renovation is very important. Ask for a portfolio or reference their website, so you know what to expect.


While communication, efficiency, and integrity are vital components, simply finding a contractor you connect with is very important.  Findings someone who has a similar vision and the means to see it through. You want someone who will show up on time and keep to the agreed-upon schedule and someone who will be honest with you. At the end of the day, this person will be in your life for the duration of the project, so make the right decision.


If this sounds like the contractor you’ve been looking for, call Tellurian Construction of Medford, Oregon, today. For over a decade, Scott and his team have been executing specialty home projects in Southern Oregon with integrity and efficiency. And if you ever need to reach the team, shoot Scott a text or give him a call! He is always available to answer your questions and give you updates on your project. Call today to receive your free quote and experience what a good contractor can do for you.