Outdoor living has become increasingly popular over the years and decks are a versatile way to create this space.  Decks give you a solid base to build from whether you want to add a place to cook, dine or chill!!  But is a deck the right choice for you?

The versatility of a deck is what makes is a viable option in many scenarios.  Unlike a patio, decks can be built on a variety of terrain where masonry would not typically be viable.  Here’s a few situations where a deck would be more advantageous.

– Your back yards slopes either in town or a rural setting.

– You have a wonderful view but no place to enjoy it.

– You have second story that needs and extension.

Whatever your situation, a deck is an easy way to enjoy your surroundings and give you plenty of room to connect with the outdoors.

If you are looking to sell your house in the future, adding a deck will be a wonderful selling point.  Views sell and people love to enjoy them.  Additionally, a deck will give you a place to connect with your surroundings.  Nothing better then enjoying a cup of coffee while enjoying the piece and quite from your space.

Ultimately, the decision to go with a deck is really about your outdoor living wish list and budget. A deck can really help you in the long run with selling your house, entertaining friends and family, and providing you with a peaceful living area. All in all, a deck can be a great addition for your Southern Oregon home, but, as with all things, it’s important to be informed.  If you would like to get some more info or a free quote, give us a call!